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  Applications and Markets Served

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Custom Manufacturing & Fabricating 
Bending Services 
Custom Manufacturing 
Fabricating Services 
Forming Services 
Injection Molding 
Painting Services 
Screw Machine Products 
Aluminum Bending 
Metal Bends: Pipe & Tube
Aluminum Extrusions: Custom 
Aluminum Extrusions: Small Run 
Aluminum Parts Fabricators 
Angles: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze & Copper
Channels: Roll Formed 
Profiles: Metal 
Shapes: Roll Formed
Assemblies, Parts & Components 
Assemblies: Custom, Precision Mechanical
Assemblies: Electrical 
Assemblies: Electromechanical 
Assemblies: Fabricated Aluminum 
Assemblies: Mechanical Electronic Sub-Assemblies
Ceramic Composites 
Ceramic Cutting 
Ceramic Fabrication 
Ceramic Materials 
Ceramic Parts
Ceramics: Advanced 
Ceramics: Customized 
Ceramics: Engineered 
Ceramics: High Temperature 
Ceramics: Injection Molded 
Ceramics: Machinable
Ceramics: Technical 
Channels: Rubber 
Rubber Profiles 
Rubber: Coextruded
Rubber: Extruded 
Silicone: Extruded 
EDM: Notching 
EDM: Fine Wire 
EDM: Tight Tolerance, To .0001 Inches 
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) 
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Sinker 
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Small Hole
Wire EDM Services Lathe Work 
Machining: Complex & Difficult 
Machining: Conventional
Machining: Extrusion Milling: CNC 
Milling: Metal 
Milling: Plastics 
Elastomer Products 
Elastomeric Profiles 
Elastomers: Chemical Resistant 
Extruded Rubber Parts 
Extrusions: Rubber 
Machining: CNC 
Machining: CNC (OEM Parts) 
Machining: CNC, Aircraft & Aerospace 
Machining: CNC, Exotic Metal 
Extrusions (Shapes)
Extrusions: Door Gasket & Seal 
Extrusions: Dual Durometer 
Extrusions: Aluminum 
Extrusions: Custom Aluminum  
Pipe Bending & Fabricating Services 
Extrusions: Neoprene 
Extrusions: Plastic
Extrusions: Silicone 
Extrusions: High Temperature 
Extrusions: Profile
Rubber Extrusions: Flame Retardant 
Fiberglass Molding 
Gasket Material
Gasket Material: Closed Cell Rubber 
Gasket Material: Rubber 
Gasketing: Closed Cell Sponge 
Gasketing: Open & Closed Cell Rubber 
Gaskets: Acid & Chemical Resistant 
Gaskets: Adhesive Backed 
Gaskets: High Pressure 
Gaskets: High Temperature 

Gaskets & Washers 
Seals & Rings
Gaskets: Molded 
Gaskets: Molded (Products) 
Gaskets: Neoprene 
Gaskets: Nitrile Rubber 
Gaskets: NSF/FDA  
Gaskets: Oil Resistant 
Gaskets: Rubber 
Gaskets: Rubber, Synthetic 
Gaskets: SBR 
Gaskets: Silicone 
Gaskets: Silicone, Extruded 
Gaskets: Silicone, Molded 
Gaskets: Spliced 
Gaskets: Sponge Rubber 
Machined Plastics: CNC 
Plastic Parts: Machined 
Plastics: Machined 
Plastics: Machined, CNC 
Injection Molded Plastics (Component Parts) 
Injection Molded Plastics (Consumer Products)
Injection Molded Plastics (Small Parts)
Injection Molded Plastics: Custom 
Injection Molded Plastics: Electrical, Industrial 
Injection Molded Plastics: Electronic Industry 
Injection Molded Plastics: Precision 
Injection Molded Plastics: Thermoplastic 
Machining, Assembly & Finishing: 
Plastic Assemblies 
Stainless Steel Assemblies 
Machining: CNC, Short Run 
Machining: Polyethylene 
Machining: Polypropylene 
Machining: Polystyrene 
Machining: Polyurethane 
Machining: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 
Machining: PTFE 
Machining: UHMW Polyethylene  
Machining: Precision (& Fabrication) 
Machining: Precision Parts 
Metal Stampings: Precision, Micro 
Metal Stampings: Production
Stampings & Assemblies 
Stampings & Forming 
Stampings (Coining) 
Stampings (Connectors)
Stampings (Mass Volume Parts) 
Stampings: Aerospace 
Stampings: Agricultural 
Stampings: Aircraft 
Stampings: Aluminum 
Stampings: Appliance 
Stampings: Automotive 
Stampings: Beryllium Copper 
Stampings: Bi-Metal 
Stampings: Brass, Bronze & Copper 
Stampings: Carbon Steel 
Stampings: Close Tolerance 
Stampings: Complex 
Stampings: Compound Die 
Stampings: Copper 
Stampings: Custom 
Stampings: Electrical 
Stampings: Electronic 
Stampings: Exotic Metal Alloy 
Stampings: Ferrous 
Stampings: Fourslide 
Stampings: High Volume 
Stampings: Intricate 
Stampings: Long Run 
Stampings: Medical 
Stampings: Metal 
Stampings: Mica 
Stampings: MultislideŽ 
Stampings: Nickel & Nickel Alloy 
Stampings: Nickel Steel 
Stampings: Precision 
Stampings: Production 
Stampings: Progressive Die 
Stampings: Punch Press 
Stampings: Small 
Stampings: Stainless Steel 
Stampings: Steel 
Stampings: medium to large
Metals & Metal Products 
Angles & Channels 
Mica Fabrication 
Milling: Plastics, CNC
Milling: Precision Machining: ABS 
Machining: Acetal 
Machining: Acrylic 
Machining: Nylon 
Machining: Polycarbonate 
Machining: Polyester 
Plastic Fabricators 
Plastic Fabricators: ABS 
Plastic Fabricators: Acetal 
Plastic Fabricators: Acrylic  
Plastic Fabricators: Nylon 
Plastic Fabricators: OEM Component 
Plastic Fabricators: Polycarbonate 
Plastic Fabricators: Polyester 
Plastic Fabricators: Polyethylene 
Plastic Fabricators: Polypropylene 
Plastic Fabricators: Polystyrene 
Plastic Fabricators: Polyurethane 
Plastic Fabricators: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 
Plastic Fabricators: PTFE 
Plastic Fabricators: UHMW Polyethylene 
Plastic Fabricators: Urethane 
Plastics & Rubber 
Plastic Materials 
Rubber Goods 
Plastics (In-Mold Decorating) 
Plastics: Blow Molded 
Plastics: Blow Molded (Industrial Parts) 
Plastics: Blow Molded (Medical Parts) 
Plastics: Injection Molded 
Plastics: Injection Molded (Electronic)
Plastics: Injection Molded, Custom 
Plastics: Insert Molded 
Plastics: Insert Molded, Short Run (Small Parts)
Plastics: Molded 
Plastics: Pressure Formed 
Plastics: Pressure Formed, Custom Designed 
Plastics: Rotationally Molded (Rotomolding) 
Plastics: Thermoformed, Custom Designed 
Plastics: Thermoplastic, Injection Molded
Plastics: Vacuum Formed, Custom Designed 
Plastics: Vacuum Or Thermo Formed 
Thermoplastics: Custom Injection Molded 
Thermoplastics: Custom Molded 
Vacuum Formed Plastics (OEM Parts)
Rubber Goods: Sponge 
Rubber: Closed Cell Sponge 
Rubber: Sponge 
Rubber: Adhesive Backed 
Rubber: Custom Engineered 
Rubber: Die Cut 
Rubber: EPDM 
Rubber: Fluoroelastomer 
Rubber: Fluorosilicone 
Rubber: Food Grade 
Rubber: Neoprene 
Rubber: Nitrile 
Rubber: Oil Resistant 
Rubber: SBR 
Rubber: Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) 
Rubber: Synthetic 
Molded Rubber: Custom 
Rubber Parts: Molded 
Rubber: Compression Molded 
Rubber: Custom Molded 
Rubber: Injection Molded 
Silicone: Molded 
Rubber: Silicone 
Food Grade Rubber: Molded 
Rubber Parts 
Rubber Parts: Adhesive Backed 
Rubber Parts: Custom 
Rubber Parts: Die Cut 
Rubber: Sponge, Extruded 
Silicone Sponge 
Sponge Rubber Products 
Sponge Rubber: Die Cut 
Sponge Rubber: Molded 
Seals: Chemical Resistant 
Seals: Compressor 
Seals: Custom 
Seals: Elastomeric 
Seals: Extruded
Seals: Low Friction
Seals: Silicone 
Thermoforming: Plastics, Heavy Gauge 
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